Choosing between beach and mountain is a question that comes up every year. In winter, one prefers to spend one's holidays at the sea in order to enjoy a stay in the sun and idleness. This is a very valid reason, especially for workers who spend all their time in an enclosed office. It's time to get some fresh air and enjoy all that nature has to offer (peace and quiet, panoramic views, sunshine...). All this does not mean, however, that the mountains have nothing to offer during the winter season. On the contrary, there are thousands of activities to do on the peak. Going skiing proves to be a must-do option in winter!

How to choose?

Choosing your destination is not always as easy as you might think. Just because your neighbours have left for a certain place doesn't mean you should follow them too. Not everyone shares the same interests. Both the beach and the mountains have their own advantages and some setbacks. The choice is certainly a difficult one, as they both offer interesting and incomparable activities. Indeed, the option remains in what you expect from your winter holidays. Do you prefer to spend time in relaxation and tranquility? Or would you like to discover thrills in the most beautiful ski resorts in the mountains?

Why opt for the beach?

For a quiet stay, the sea is the place to be. You will be lulled by the songs of the birds and the soft murmur of the waves. The beach is a haven of peace allowing you to be even closer to nature and its riches (fauna, flora). Don't hesitate to choose the beach to discover the water parks, visit the zoos and to give colour back to your skin. As an activity, children could build sand castles and learn volleyball. Taste the treasures of the sea such as shrimps, lobsters and oysters.

The mountains: a destination with a thousand facets for the winter holidays

In summer as in winter, the mountain reveals an unrivalled panoramic view. Winter holidays often mean skiing, snowboarding and ice skating. Many ski resorts offer a wide range of activities for young and old. To recharge your batteries, it is the opportunity to visit the thermal spas (whirlpools, spa, sauna...). Explore the summits and enjoy the idyllic setting they provide. Depending on the location you have chosen, you will be able to savour the specialities specific to each region. Nothing beats a good hot dish during the day.