No matter what type of trip you need to make, short, long, for work or pleasure, travelling light always has countless advantages. Whether you want to save time, money or travel more comfortably. It's also a necessity when you travel with children, otherwise the trip can be an obstacle course before you even begin. So here are some storage tips that will help you travel lighter.

What do you really need?

Travelling light also means making a selection of the things you really need. When packing your luggage, make a list of all your activities during your stay. Then pack your belongings according to this list. Don't pack clothes and accessories that you may be thinking of wearing. Ask yourself the right questions and avoid "just in case" questions. On your previous trip, did you use everything you brought with you? Beauty products such as shampoo, deodorant, soap can also be purchased locally. Even then, packaging problems can still occur. A little tip, you can buy mini vials and fill them with your usual products. You can also easily find all your favourite products in travel size.

Use a smaller bag or suitcase

Another important point for travelling light is also to choose suitcases or bags that are not heavy or bulky. With a bigger suitcase, you'll end up filling them up and your backpack will be too heavy and full of stuff you won't even need. Think that if you leave extra space for storage, you might be able to buy some small souvenirs. It's the best way to travel light. That way, you'll be forced to pack your stuff as smartly as possible.

Tips for maximising space in your suitcase

Forget about the classic method of folding clothes, the mothers' method, to be clear. Wrap the clothes on themselves with the military folding technique. It saves a lot of space. With the invention of packing cubes, saving space is no longer a problem. All you have to do is roll up your clothes and fill the cubes with them. You can put your shorts, shirt, bikini, bra and underwear separately to be well organized. These cubes will help you keep everything perfectly clean and intact. They are also strong, very light and take up little space. There are also the famous vacuum bags. If you take bulky clothes with you, this is probably the best solution. The mechanism is more or less the same as the packing cubes. If you absolutely must take accessories other than your clothes and toiletries with you, opt for foldable gadgets. If you're going hiking, for example, you'll need a bottle of water. Folding bottles take up less space, as do foldable backpacks. Opt for a reading light instead of carrying lots of books with you, it's very handy when you travel.