A family vacation is a time of happiness and an opportunity to get together. Do you need this kind of moment? Maybe you don't know where to go with your children. The destination will not necessarily be the same whether you have grandchildren or older children. You should choose a place that is not too far away if your children are still small, but it is possible to travel further with the older ones. Discover destination ideas for you and your family.

Travelling with a teenager

If you want to travel privately with your teens and show them off, introduce them to New York City. And make them feel like they're in a movie. New York with the family is one of the best things to see and do: take a walk in Central Park, take in the view from Times Square, enjoy the Manhattan skyline, watch from the Empire State Building, watch a basketball game, it's the city that never sleeps. Go shopping in London with your teenagers in the Capital of Cool, London is classed as a teenage paradise. The temple of fashion, impossible to miss a family shopping session, London has a style that makes it unique in the world especially for teens. If you want to make their teenage soul feel like a child, go for an unforgettable visit to London for an unforgettable moment.

Travelling with a baby

The Sun of Sicily. Sicily presents a better destination for a moment with your babies, Sicily has a pleasant climate, it is a perfect place for a baby or a young child. The family has an important place in Sicily and Sicilians love children very much, which makes the stay with your babies very pleasant. Mauritius, the wonder of the Indian Ocean, is one of the best destinations for families with their babies. On the spot, you have different choices of accommodation that will make your babies happy. Hotels even have a place to accommodate your children.

Travelling with the whole family

A perfect stay in Marrakech is a better destination for family time. They will be delighted to welcome your large family. A Riad in the medina will allow you to have the accommodation for you alone, an advantage for the whole family. Going to Marrakech with your family is immersed in the heart of a bright and colourful city that you will fall in love with. The passage to the medina, the souks, the Jemaa el-Fna square, the Jardin Majorelle, the palaces and palm groves, all these places are the marvel of Marrakech which unites the family and greatly strengthens the bond of love in the family and spend an unforgettable moment.