Carefree travel, made easy!

The easiest way to travel is to trust professional tour operators to organize your trip.

Want to explore a wild world, inhabited by exotic animals? If you require any further information, please visit our website.

You want to explore a wild world, populated by exotic animals? Opt for a safari in Africa. Discover lush flora and fauna in Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya, Botswana, Namibia…

Wildlife enthusiasts looking for a change of scenery can plan a trip to Ecuador, India, Nepal or Costa Rica.

Enjoy a safari in Africa to observe magnificent animals.

Carry out various original activities during a stay in the mountains.

Sail according to your desires during a river or sea cruise.

Discover paradisiacal beaches with a dream setting in the Seychelles, French Polynesia…

To avoid anxiety on your first trip abroad, it is important to be well organized and to make sure you don’t forget anything during the preparations.

  • Don’t forget to renew your tourist visa
  • Prepare your luggage
  • Choose the destinations to visit

With a good organization, it is quite possible to prepare your stay without the help of a travel agency. More tricks on Masque-Venitien.

There are several types of travellers: idleness lovers, lovers of the great outdoors, last-minute travellers or tourists who leave nothing to chance by planning a long month of preparation…

There are many different ways to approach a holiday, from the slipper, the adventurer or the organised globetrotter.

Survival Trek

Take advantage of a survival trek to immerse yourself in a hostile environment full of adventure. Discover survival techniques in places like the jungle, a desert environment…

Underwater Apnea

During your holidays, practice underwater apnea. By discovering the discipline, you will appreciate the beauty of the ocean depths, overcome your fears and learn how to dive.


Sanboarding is a discipline appreciated by many snow sports enthusiasts. It can be practiced during a trip to certain regions of France, Brazil or the United Arab Emirates.

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